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Water cut

We are using the synergy of our production methods. Wherever the laser meets its production limits, water cutting steps immediately in. In order to avoid thermal impact and structural alterations of the materials or their thickness, we apply water cutting instead of laser.

Water cutting though may result in an angular error which in such case is recognised and automatically compensated by our system. Thus we achieve proper right angle.

Water cutting of steel, polymers, glass, stone

The width of the materials for water cutting is almost unlimited as well as the type – from various kinds of steel to polymers, glass and stone. In our production we can process materials up to the size of 6000 x 3000 mm and thickness 150 mm.

To speed up the processing of your inquiry we would favour if you submit your drawings in .dfx format, if any.


For further technical information please contact:

Mr. Huber

СNC Production (Water cut)

Tel.: +43 (0)5332 / 77491-41
Mobil: +43 (0)664 / 8153425


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