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Machine for the longest tunnel in the world

On the 7th of May 2010 there was an official delegation to the company ALPINE Bau GmbH of the concreting system for the Gotthard railroad tunnel.

Together with the developing agency MBU and ARGE Transtec the concreting system was developed and manufactured to put 112 km of concrete in Gotthard railroad tunnel. Special feature: the machine has rubber tyres and rolls along the narrow track-bench and not along the railroad lines. The machine is to be launched in September in the longest tunnel of the world. In total it took four special means of transport to bring the concreting system to Switzerland.

The task of Seiwald Company in this project was to carry out all the welding, sand blasting and varnishing jobs within 4 months. To meet the required tolerance for the biggest frames with the size of approx. 13 x 3 x 3 m and weight of approx. 5 tons was a special challenge for us. Our partner “High-Tech-Metals” took over the boring and milling, and MBU Company carried out planning and installation.

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