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M4 Joining Bridge

On August 17, not only statics and esthetic were united, but also two trade centres with the help of the bridge.

The bridge was designed in cooperation with company Prostatik and WBG. Seiwald company dealt with manufacturing of the framework structure, transportation to Vergl (the longest abutment was 35m long, 1.8m high and 0.26 m wide) and installation.

During the night of the August 18, 2011 the welding and installation of the bridge was carried out between M4 and new M4 Plus highways, on the federal highway of Vergl, at the M4 crossroads. Some days before load bearing structures and concrete-enveloped steel columns were installed with pinpoint accuracy on which the bridge (35 m long and 11.5 m wide) was mounted. For raising the steel construction weighting 37 tones the lift crane with 200 tones capacity was required. During the next day the precise positioning of the pipe support construction for front elevation and glazing of the entering was performed.

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